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Upgrade Your On the Water Towing Services Today!
*Towing level options are based on your boating area –- saltwater, freshwater or both. With a basic BoatUS Membership, we will pay up to $50 per incident for on the water and on the road Towing Services. (Most Members upgrade to Unlimited since the average towing bill is $750).
For Greater Peace of Mind On the Road – Upgrade to Unlimited Trailer Assist!
BoatUS Membership dues and Towing prices are billed on an annual basis. Towing Services goes into effect for breakdowns that occur after 11:59 pm the day we receive your application and do not provide for service due to pre-existing conditions. Towing is not available for commercial use boats or paid captains. Our water towing options are valid on any boat you own, borrow or charter. TowBoatUS is not a rescue service. In an emergency situation, you must contact the Coast Guard or a government agency immediately. By purchasing Membership you are accepting services provided for and exclusions found in our Towing Service Agreements.
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