Lessons From The Ramp

  • Mother Knows Best
    red bulletpoint Mother Knows Best

    My mother has grown up with boats and my father has always deferred to her skills when on the water as well as at the ramp. So when we drove to a boat ramp a few years ago in Michigan, all of us knew what to expect when mom got behind the wheel to back the trailer into the water. There would be looks from people expecting to see a problem. Click here to read the entire story.

  • Black Snake
    red bulletpoint This Beats Snakes on a Plane

    Here in the Dells, I was taking some friends from the office for a boat ride last August. They lived in Chicago and were visiting for a long weekend at my cabin. We'd had a great day on the water exploring rocky coves and watching deer and raccoons along the shore and trying some fishing with a cane pole that I kept in the boat (Sea Ray 18). Click here to read the entire story.

  • Tie Down Tie Up
    red bulletpoint Tie Down Tie Up

    The Cullman, Alabama trailer boat club always makes an annual trip with about 9 boats. In 2004, one of the destinations was the Defeated Creek Marina in northeast Tennessee. The boats cruised 125 miles downstream to Nashville, spent two nights enjoying the music and the sites before returning to Defeated Creek. Click here to read the entire story.

  • Know The Bilge And Know The Plug
    red bulletpoint Know The Bilge And Know The Plug

    It had been one of those days for my buddy and his wife. Great day on the ocean, they had taken their limit of kingfish, oceanic tuna and sailfish on a spinrod. We both arrived at the boat ramp at the same time and noticed that the gentleman that had just retrieved his boat in front of my buddy had stopped at the top of the ramp. Click here to read the entire story.

  • No Future is Good
    red bulletpoint No Future is Good

    I took a lady I know out for a day on my Sea Ray last year. She isn't a boater, doesn't know how to swim, made sure she wore a PFD even before we ever got into the boat and was a little concerned about my idea of a day on the water. I guess you could call this a first date. She brought a picnic lunch and my plan was to take a ride over to Shelter Island and find a quiet beach. Click here to read the entire story.