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I purchase a new boat in march'04. A 19'7" sea fox cc with a venture tandem trailer as a package. One of the trailer spring broke about 2 weeks ago. It is the large spring on the left side. I contacted the dealership. They state it in not under warranty but offered to give me a new spring but i would have to take it to a repair shop and pay the cost of installing it. They have not inspected the trailer as i have requested, as i belive that all the springs need to be replaced as they appear to be rusted. This is my first boat and do not know what to expect. It is usual for springs to go after 2 seasons, The trailer was put to use 12 times since it was purchased and i washed it down every time immediately upon arriving home which is 10 minutes from the ocean/launch.


Answered on: 11/2005

Is the trailer a 2004 also? I have had some pretty old trailers with the original springs and they have lasted many years. If the trailer is properly rated for the boat that it is carrying, it is very unusual for springs to break after only 2 seasons. While your local dealer has not corrected the problem, I would suggest contact with the manufacturer directly to try to resolve this problem. According to their website Venture Trailers carry a 5 year warranty. You can contact them through their website at .

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