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What are the advantages and disadvantages of oil filled bearings versus bearing buddies on a boat trailer that is put in both fresh water and salt water and sees at least 1500 miles of travel per year. Single axle trailer with about 1500 lbs of boat.


Answered on: 11/2005

GEORGE: "Cool hubs" are also called "oil bath hubs" and the name is appropriate because they run at cooler temperatures than grease and that means you will extend bearing life. I like them because the poly dust cap is clear and you can see the oil level. I'm a big fan of cool hubs and I believe they will be part of every new boat trailer in the coming years. MIKE: I am familiar with the "Turbo Lube" hubs from Tie Down Manufacturing. They use a 75-90 weight gear oil in place of traditional bearing grease. The advantages to this system are: Both front and rear bearings are equally and completely lubricated. The oil bath approach keeps your hub and bearings cooler. See-through oil cap gives you the ability to see that you have an adequate amount of lubrication as well as the ability to detect water intrusion. (there is a drain plug that would enable you to drain off water if it did make its way into the reservoir). With all of these factors considered, you will not only improve tow vehicle mileage you will also increase service intervals on your hubs/bearings. As you can see from our previous answers on this system, we haven't come up with any disadvantages.

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