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My tandem trailer tires are 5 years old and I store the boat outdoors. Starting to see small cracks in the sidewalls so I am going to replace them. Is it a good idea to replace the galvanized rims too? Is there any value to getting the same size tire with a higher weight rating - 1760#s vs 1820#s?


Answered on: 8/2005

There is no advantage to replacing the galvanized rims unless they are damaged in any way. Although, you may find that it is more cost effective to replace the entire wheel assembly. You can get the same size tire with increased weight ratings. The value will be dependant upon the weight of the load that you are putting on them. If you are close to the maximum weight and run your tires at the maximum inflation rating to support the weight, you may want to consider increasing the tire capacity so that you can reduce tire inflation for a softer ride while maintaining an adequate margin of safety.

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