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Mike/George: I'd like to install Tiedown Engineering's TURBO-LUBE oil filled hubs with Tiedown's GALV-X free backing brakes on my Venture tandem axle trailer. However, searching the catalogs/websites, I can not detremine where/how the brake drums are installed? Can the TURBO-LUBE hubs be used with surge brakes?


Answered on: 8/2005

You can refer directly to Tie Down Engineering's website to view a pdf file on how to install drum brakes. Go to and then to the marine downloads section. Your axles must have mounting tabs on the axle for the drum brake plate to mount to. If they do not have these plates, they may be welded on by a qualified trailer repair facility. The hub that is used will be incorporated with the drum brake and is not a separate unit. You will not be able to use the Turbo-Lube hubs on the axles with brakes. In addition, please check your local laws pertaining to trailers and brakes. If your load meets the minimum weight requirements for brakes, you will most likely have to put brakes on all wheels.

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