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I want to replace the bunks of my boat trailer. What kind of wood I should use? I see different ways to attach the bunks to the tailer:lag bolts,bolts and nuts and washers,etc. Which one it is the best?


Answered on: 8/2005

You must have seen a few boat trailers floating at the ramp. Most folks suggest using cypress rather than pine for the bunks. It's heavier and more dense than more commonly-used pine. Be sure it's protected and covered with a good quality fabric (I know some folks who use indoor/outdoor carpeting for their bunks). GEORGE: My preference is cypress. It lasts for eternity. Pine is a common wood that is used in bunks but my experience with it is some trailers will actually float when in the water if the bunks are made of pine. And with the humidity that we have here in Florida, pine stands the chance of splitting. MIKE: Either pine or fir would be fine for this purpose. I would definitely recommend purchasing pressure treated wood. I have seen bunks last many years going straight from the lumberyard to the trailer. If you want to see them last for your grandchildren's children, go ahead and treat them with a water sealer such as Thompson's.

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