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Boat Trailering Guys:,

I need to replace the springs on my trailer for my searay 18' bowrider. It is the factory trailer and I am having trouble finding the right springs. They are 4 spring 23.5 inch eye to eye. I am also wondering if it would just be easier to put a couple sliders in that are rated obout 1500lbs. each. What do you guys think? Jeff L.


Answered on: 8/2005

You can find these leaf springs at They are located in Delaware and carry everything you could ever need for your trailer. The part number for the 23.5 double eye 4 leaf spring is 5266068. As of 08/03/05 they sell for $32.95 each. I do not have any personal experience with the sliders or their effectiveness on trailers. Sorry...

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