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Guys, I have been told that I should have my trailer's wheel bearings repacked every other year. I have owned my current boat for two seasons now and am wondering if this repacking is necessary. I had the factory install bearing buddies when the trailer was manufactured. I have not had any seal leaking problems and always check the temperature of the bearings on the way to the lake (about 200 miles one way). I have made it a practice to squirt in a shot of grease before leaving the ramp to displace any water that might have entered the bearings. As this season approaches I am wondering if I need to add this to my list of pre-season checks. We are using our trailer in freshwater. T. McCauley, Grand Junction, CO

T. McCauley, Grand Junction, CO

Answered on: 6/2005

MIKE: It is a good practice to repack your bearing at least every other year, and preferably annually (depending on how many miles you are trailering). Not only are you inspecting the condition and wear of your bearings, you are also inspecting the condition of the seals. Seals will dry out and tear allowing water to enter when submerged. By performing the "preventative" maintenance you will also be making sure that your lug nuts are not corroded in place. I have seen on many occasions where trailer boaters have had trouble on the road, whether it is overheated bearings or a flat tire, only to find that they could not get the lug nuts loosened. You will also be able to inspect your hub, axle and leaf springs without the tires blocking your access. Don't forget to grease your springs while you are at it. As you can see, you are not only checking your bearings. You are checking your entire suspension in the process. Have the peace of mind that you are pulling a trailer that is in top notch condition. Be safe!

The Boat Trailering Guy: Mike