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Have you ever heard of a boat trailer having a battery charger on it? I'm going to buy a new trailer and two places have told me it's good to have. I'm not convinced. Is it for an electric winch? F. Harris, Huntington Beach, CA

F. Harris

Answered on: 6/2005

GEORGE: It could be an electric winch that runs off the battery on the trailer and there's a charger hooked up to make sure the winch works when it's needed. But the easiest way to set this up is to use the battery on your tow vehicle. The other downside to this is someone will walk off with the charger and battery while your boat trailer is parked at the ramp. I'd keep looking for a trailer that is designed with common sense. MIKE: I'm not convinced either. I don't see the advantage of mounting a battery charger on the trailer for a few reasons. First, most battery chargers are not built to be exposed to the weather 24/7. Second, if you are going to charge your battery you would usually do that in the boat or in your basement/garage. Third, you shouldn't run an electric winch straight off of a battery charger.

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