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I've been boating for a few years and had a friend tell me when I launch my boat the exhaust pipe of my truck is in the water. He was laughing and saying I'm a "bubble launcher" and said this isn't good. Is it OK to do? I've never paid attention to it if truth be told. K. Williams, Topeka, KS

K. Williams

Answered on: 6/2005

MIKE: It is not recommended that you submerge your tail pipe, or your rear tires for that matter. Submerging your tail pipe can cause your motor to stall due to the backpressure that the water causes. This is not the place where you want to have to worry about getting your car restarted. Other dangers are wakes created by passing boats can cause the water to go even further up your tailpipe and possibly into your muffler depending on the configuration of your exhaust system. Look into extending the tongue length of the trailer or purchasing a hitch extender that has been previously mention in Q&A as a temporary solution when you are at the ramp. GEORGE: As Mike has already indicated, it isn't a good idea to put your tailpipe under water. It's time to look at a trailer with a longer tongue if you're going to continue to use that boat ramp.

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