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Does it make sense to put something like a corrosion preventive compound on my trailer's electrical contacts to make sure water doesn't get in or rain/snow when the trailer is stored? Or should I just wrap this in a plastic bag like my neighbor does? D. Lawrence, Mission, KS

D. Lawrence

Answered on: 6/2005

MIKE: A preventative measure to combat corrosion all year long is to pack the connectors with dielectric silicone grease. Not only is it waterproof and will prevent corrosion, it will also make it a lot easier to push the connectors together and pull them apart. GEORGE: I'm a fan of Corrosion Pro made by Lubrimatic in Dixon, Illinois. If you are in salt water, apply it four times a year. If you have your trailer in fresh water, you should spray it in electrical contacts two times a year.

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