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I remember seeing an article about disc brake conversions several months ago. I am interested in doing that for my triple axle boat trailer. As I use the trailer to launch and retrieve our boat from salt water, I want to make sure whatever disc brake conversion set I purchase is as resistant to salt water corrosion as possible. Two manufacturers were mentioned in the Q and A section of you magazine. One seemed to be recommended over the other because it was all or mostly stainless steel and parts were available for the caliper from GM dealers. Is that a better conversion for salt-water application over the non-GM brakes? Can you tell me the brand names of the conversion sets and where they are available? Lawrence Hirtzel, Port Angeles, WA

Lawrence Hirtzel

Answered on: 6/2005

GEORGE: I am converting all the trailers in my company to Kodiak right now. I prefer them because the disc brakes are made of 100% stainless steel. A dealer can be found by going online to or call 813- 289-2324. MIKE: I am familiar with the disc brake conversion kit that is manufactured by Tie Down Engineering out of Atlanta, GA. This kit is widely carried by the major marine retailers as well as trailer parts suppliers across the country. Their kit includes stainless steel rotors, aluminum calipers, galvanized hubs, and bronze pistons and fittings. They are designed specifically for boat trailers being used in the harshest of conditions. As far as the parts go, I recommend purchasing replacement parts through the marine/trailer dealer that offers them from the manufacturer.

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