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I have a galvanized steel trailer and the frame has no holes anywhere which makes me wonder if water can be sitting inside after I put the trailer in the water. Does it make sense to drill some holes that would allow the water to drain and maybe allow some air inside? And if I do this, should I coat the holes with anything?

D. Harris, Des Moines, IA

Answered on: 6/2005

GEORGE: It can be done but keep in mind, if you drill a hole, you stand the very good chance of disturbing the galvanizing in your trailer which, in turn, will start the ball rolling toward internal rusting. MIKE: It makes perfect sense. I do this with my axles to prevent water being trapped in the axle and preventing unseen corrosion that can occur from the inside out. I spray inside the hole with an "automotive-type" rustproof coating (Ziebart).

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