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My trailer has started squeaking when I hit a bump and this is a new sound. I think it's probably the leaf springs but I?m not sure what to do. WD-40 oil? Grease? And would I put it where the spring attaches to the frame? T Carlton LaHoha CA.

T Carlton

Answered on: 6/2005

GEORGE: Here's the technical way to solve the problem: Take a hammer and whack the surface of the leaf springs to dislodge any rust that may have accumulated. Then spray the surface with WD-40 oil. This will take the squeak out of the spring. MIKE: With leaf springs, they usually have a rubber bushing at the end pivot points. If they are cracked and dried out they will need to be replaced. If they look okay, just force some grease (wheel bearing grease is good) into the pivot points. You can spray WD-40 between the springs, but I would also recommend coating the springs with the wheel bearing grease also. Smear this stuff along the sides and along any contact points with the trailer. It is as good as any remedy to reduce the squeaks and prolong the life of the springs with the added measure of rust prevention. If you note excessive rust, cracks or wear save yourself the trouble and replace the springs.

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