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I'm going to buy a new boat trailer. Do I want torsion axles and if so, why? Is anything gained by having them on a trailer? J. Harris, Dayton Ohio

J. Harris

Answered on: 6/2005

MIKE: I'll list the pros and the cons as I see them. The advantages to torsion axles over traditional axles with leaf springs are: 1. Totally self-contained so there is no need for other conventional components. 2. Can be installed so that frame height is reduced. Lowers center of gravity and provides more stable of a ride. 3. Independent suspension among wheels. Better for absorbing road bumps. 4. Easy installation. Disadvantages: 1. More costly per axle. 2. If water does get in them there is the risk of unseen corrosion. GEORGE: I'm in the business of trailer boat rentals and for the past seven years have been using only torsion axles (Loadmaster builds my trailers). Because a torsion axle is sealed, there is no rust as can occur with a leaf spring. Therefore, torsion axles are safer.

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