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Guys, I have been having fits with my 2003 Honda Pilot / Magic Tilt Trailer lighting combination since I bought my boat new in 2005! HELP! I have tested the lighting connection from the Vehicle to the lighting harness with a hand held - plug in light "tester" This is the three light plug-in tester I bought from U-Haul for like $3... This tester shows that the lights work, but the turn signals and flashers do not. Additionally, the lights will come on on the trailer when plugged in, all be it intermittently, and the turn signals and flashers will only work, when the vehicle lights are turned "off". One more item - the "White Ground Wire" (I assume it's the ground wire) on the trailer lighting has come loose. Is there a place you'd redommend I attach this wire to, in order to ground the electrical system? Any suggestions you could provide would be greatly appreciated.


Answered on: 1/2009

The loose ground will be the cause of the lights intermittent functionality. The majority of all lighting issues can be traced back to a poor grounding situation; whether it be a loose contact or corrosion. For this reason I have run the ground wire the entire length of my trailer (which currently is a small one) and connected it directly to the lights. I have yet to have another problem. If that is not practical for you then I would recommend preventative maintenance. Use heat shrink connections to keep out the corrosion and periodically clean the contact point. Regarding the turn signals, go to your local auto part store and ask for a heavy duty flasher. The flasher can be found in the fuse panel and is very easy to switch out.

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