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Boat Trailering Guys,

I am looking to purchase a new trailer for my FourWinns 240 Horizon. The trailer that came with the boat new has been nothing but problems since day one. I would like to know if you recommend leaf springs or torsion? Most all the trailers I have looked at only use 14" tires on this size trailer, which seem rather undersized to me considering the weight of this boat. Also, is there a trailer manufacture that you recommend? I appreciate your help.


Answered on: 1/2009

That would depend upon how many axles you are looking at. The 14" tires will have weight capacities of approximately 1300-1600 lbs depending upon the size. With one axle you they would be undersized. With tandem or triple axles you would be fine. Always determine the maximum weight of your load and then divide it by the number of the tires to determine if you are within their capacity. Personally I would lean towards the torsion axles. It will allow for a lower center of gravity which may be helpful on a boat that size. As far as brands of trailer, there are many good ones to choose from. I would locate the dealers that are in your market that have a good reputation for outstanding customer service; starting with assisting you in setting the trailer up to making adjustments as needed to get it right.

Boat Trailering Guys: Mike