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Boat Trailering Guys,

I have a MagicTilt trailer with unusual tire wear patterns on the curb side. (I am trailering a 20' Carolina Skiff with a 4stroke, 90hp Honda) Tire wear pattern appears to be excessive wear and cupping the inside 2 inches of the tire and simply excessive wearing on the second tread from the outside. Tire is balanced and I have maintained proper inflation at all times. Showing this wear at less than 3000 miles on a new tire.


Answered on: 12/2008

Even though you maintain that the tires have been properly inflated at all times the edge wear is an indication of under inflation. While you may be inflating the tires to what you feel is the proper pressure are your tires properly rated for the load. If you can provide additional tire information (mfr, size and type) I can research the load rating and boat/motor weight further.

Boat Trailering Guys:Mike