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Boat Trailering Guys,

Mike and George, I am towing a 2007 Edgewater 245CC with twin 150's on a 2007 Magic Tilt TALS 2460. Ever since I have had this set up I can not get my boat to fit evenly on the trailer. I've tried changing my boat ramp, adjusting how much of the trailer is in or out of the water but no joy. I've tried to contact Magic Tilt directly but no luck there either. I have even to hold the boats transom with a line while pulling the boat out still no luck. Is there any measurements I can do or suggestions you have to fix my dilemma. V/R Bob


Answered on: 10/2008

I assume when you say "evenly" you mean centered. Are your trailer bunks spaced out so that the outer boat chine rests on the bunks (or rollers). Use the edge of the chine to act as a guide to the support system. This is also the point where there is the greatest hull strenth. Have you tried using after market guide ons? There are a few different styles out there to choose from. I would suggest using the ones that have the galvanized post with either a rolling guide or a carpeted 2x4. This style will provide more rigidity compared to the pvc post which tend to be more flexible. Due to the size of your boat and the nature of your problem these will guide the boat to center.

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