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Boat Trailering Guys,

I have been trailering for many years and never dunk my trailer. I backin until the water is just below my hubs. I use a power winch to load. (saltwater) Most people I see at the ramps submerge their trailers to load and unload, even with tailers not designed for drive-on use. Who is correct? Note:The trailer for my 16 foot Dolfin Superskiff (Seminole)is still in good shape after 28 years of service. Thanks Mike Kodroff MD


Answered on: 10/2008

You are quite fortunate to have a set up that has not required you to submerge your trailer beyond the hubs. I have yet to own a boat and trailer that didn't require me to submerge the wheels beyond the hub. Whether someone should be power loading or not is a different story. Even if you can drive your boat onto the trailer it is not recommended as it creates unneccessary erosion to the boat ramp.

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