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Boat Trailering Guys,

I am going to buy a new trailer for my 19" cc wellcraft. This trailer will spend most of the time in the driveway as I live on the intercoastal waterway in FL. I am getting different opinions on whether to get radial or bias tires. Your suggestion? Anything else I should consider in buying a new trauler?


Answered on: 10/2008

It is becoming more common to find trailers equipped with radial tires, especially when the tire size is 14" or greater. In the case of a replacement tires it is also easier to find the radials in those sizes. The radials will offer a softer ride but it doesn't sound like you will be putting on the miles. My choice would be radials. Another consideration is galvanized steel vs. aluminum. If you were going to be dunking the trailer in saltwater on a regular basis I would say the aluminum would be the better choice. Again, if the trailer is just going to be used for off-season storage then this factor is of less importance. One thing that I would absolutely suggest is that you cover your tires when the trailer is not in use. The UV exposure on tires can shorten their life significantly, especially in the Florida.

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