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How hot do bearings (drum brakes) get? Info: Tandem axle American trailor w/drum surge brakes. Repack bearings every year also have bering buddies. Clean and grease brakes at same time. This year one was hung up and the hub was super hot. Backed brakes off all the way. Took a trip today (25mi)an hot again but I never felt the hubs on any of my trailors before so I have no reference point. Took temp today 90 deg. on rear axle. 190 deg. on brake axle (ouch!!) Please help. Never had to worry about this before. Ease my mind or point me somewhere. Thanks


Answered on: 7/2008

According to our friends at Tie Down Engineering, normal operating bearing temperatures are around 120 degrees. Once they reach 140 degrees there is cause for concern and you should start looking for problems. Since you backed your brakes off all the way you have eliminated that as the cause and it sounds like you are lubricating the bearings with your bearing buddies... another cause for overheating bearings is overtightening of the spindle nut. When reassembling the hub, the spindle nut should be hand tightened until the hub begins to bind and then backed off a 1/4 turn.

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