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I have just completed installing new bearings, new pads, new capilers and a new brake actuator on my trailer. The trailer has disc brakes on both axels and a "Disc Brake Ready" actuactor. After a short test drive, the rear axel gets hot while the front axel is much cooler. I can only hold my fingers omn the rear axel for about 3 seconds. System has been bled and all wheels are spinning freely although the front axel wheels seem to spin more easily then the rear wheels when the trailer is jacked up, about a 1/2 turn more. Do you any idea what could be causing the rear axel to run hotter then the front? Is this normal? Thanks in advance. Dennis Leary Randolph, NJ


Answered on: 7/2008

Check the spindle nut. It sounds like it may be on too tight. The procedure to tighten the nut is to tighten by hand, spin the wheel, tighten by hand, spin the wheel, etc... until starts to bind. At this point back the nut off a quarter turn and you should be set. Give the wheel a final spin so make sure that it is also spinning freely.

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