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Trailering Guys,

I have two trailers one 8300 lb trailer and a 1000 lb trailer. Could you tell me what the torque should be on the lug nuts on the wheels and is it the same on both trailers. I am looking at buying a air impact wrench to put them on with because my hands and arms have arthritis in them so it is painful to tighten with a wrench. Do I need a torque wrench. How do you know if it is torqued enough without a torque wrench. I have not had a problem with lug nuts coming off or loosening up. I do put them on pretty tight buy hand. Arthur Gilford, N.H.


Answered on: 4/2008

"Boat Trailers and Tow Vehicles" by Steve Henkel recommends the following torque ratings based on stud size: Stud size Torque Rating 1/2" 70-90 lbs 9/16" 110-140 lbs 5/8" 125-140 lbs