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Boat Trailering Guys,

Hi there! We have a 29 foot cruiser that we trailer. It is often difficult loading and unloading the boat at the ramp due to the large size. We were thinking about widening the span of the bunks to lower the boat on the trailer hoping that would make life a bit easier. Is there a recommended width for the bunk spans?


Answered on: 4/2008

There is no standard width for the bunks. The boat should rest on the bunks at a point where their is internal structural reinforcement to the hull. For example where the stringers are or where the chines are (externally). You will have some further considerations when lowering the boat on the trailer; Will you have enough clearance between the boat and the fenders?, Will you have enough clearance between the hull and the trailer frame? and Will you have enough clearance between your outdrives and the ground? What type of trailer is it? If it has leaf springs you may want to consider torsion bar axles. In addition to being totally self contained (less maintenance) they will help reduce the height of the trailer. Again, make sure that you have the proper clearance for your boat.