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I have a tandem axle 5-starr trailer with single axle surge drum brakes. Converting to Kodiak disc brakes. Existing drum hub has a dust cap with a grease fitting. Spindal has a passage through it so grease can fill bearing area and relieve out of the hole in the center of the back of the dropped spindal. Kodaik cap does not have a graese fitting and is labeled 'SAE90 Oil', even though installation instructions call for packing the bearings with grease. Also, the seal on the backside of the rotor is labeled 'oil seal'. Should the new rotor / bearing assebmly be operated filled with graese using a Bearing Buddy or should they be filled with SAE90 oil? Thank you, Scott.


Answered on: 4/2007

It sounds like Kodiak is incorporating their new XL Prolube kit with their brake kits. The Prolube kit provides the seals and dust cap that allow for the use of SAE90 oil instead of grease. The advantages of an oil bath system are: reduced friction; meaning the bearings will run smoother and cooler, bearings are oiled through centrifugal force allowing for good oil penetration to front and rear bearings, easier maintenance as you can see the oil level through the cap which also allows you to see if you have water contamination and finally extended life of bearings. Kodiak advertises that this system will work with existing grease but if you are changing things out you should put in new bearings now and clean out all of the old grease. If you prefer grease you can go that route also. Reuse the bearing buddies that you have.

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