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I have a 2005 Century 2600WA with twin Yamaha 150 4-strokes. Fully loaded the boat can weight 7,400 lbs. I have a 10,000 lb. capacity float-on aluminum trailer with long carpeted bunks in back and smaller ones in front. The standard covering on the bunks resembles weather resistant felt or carpeting, but acts like a nylon scrub pad and is badly wearing down the gelcoat. Is there a better covering I can install or method to stop this damage? Thanks


Answered on: 10/2006

You can try one of the new plastic pads or bunk covers that are now available through many of the marine or trailer aftermarket suppliers. They are made of a durable high density plastic that provide super slick surfaces without the abrasion of carpet. Make sure that you check with the manufacturer's recommendations before purchasing a system. When you start getting into a boat of your size, some manufacturers do not recommend using their product. Here is a link to view Tie Down Engineering's Bunk Glide On system:

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