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Boat Trailering Guys:,

I want to replace the tires in the two axle trailer of my 20 ft. boat. I have an hidraulic jack to lift the trailer and other supporting jacks but I need your advice about the right way to do it.Thank you for your help. Hector Brito


Answered on: 10/2006

If at all possible remove the boat! On a tandem axle trailer you may be able to lift the rear set of wheels just by pushing down on the tongue of the trailer and conversely you may be able to raise the front tires by lifting the tongue. If you must use a jack, place the jack under the axle and as close to the edge as possible. Keep in mind most axles are hollow and may rust from the inside out causing weakening. If the pad of your jack isn't very large place a block of wood underneath the axle to spread the load across the jack pad.

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