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Purchased a new 2005 Century 2600 WA with twin 150 Yamaha 4-strokes in November 2005. Boat has been great, but we suffered through months of issues with the manufacturer of the trailer the dealer sold us. I won't bore you with the myriad of issues we've been through, but included leaking brakes actuators, improper weight distribution and also incurred severe gelcoat damage from original inappropriate front bunk setup. I'll summarize current situation. Our third re-work of trailer seems close to correct. Fully loaded boat can weigh approx. 8,400 lbs. Aluminum tandem axle trailer rated to 10,000 lbs. Dual hydraulic disk brakes. Rides well on the road. Still working on weight distribution and securing the boat. Manufacturer completely reworked trailer to lighten tongue weight. This included moving axles rearward and installing longer main bunks that now extend to end of the hull. Original bow roller set up was replaced by manufacturer with custom one-piece vertical rear facing v-shaped bunk that captures bow and keeps boat low and level. Problem involves securing to trailer. Boat is driven onto trailer up to custom v-shaped vertical bunk (replaced roller), strap is attached and cranked tight. When driven out onto level ground, the bow is then always 4 - 8 inches back away from the vertical bunk. Assuming the boat was somehow "sliding back", I once cranked the strap very tight, intending to loosen on level ground. The weight actually disformed the winch (2,400 lb. rating) and bent several bolts!! I then tried securing a very stout safety chain and hook before pulling out. The force when I pulled out ripped the welded safety chain loop right off the trailer!! I'm lost. The boat looks to be level and secure on the trailer. Main bunks are within 2 inches of stern. But I cannot keep bow forward securely where it should be, and causing bow to hop when traversing a bump when trailering. Someone suggested aluminum I-beams are too short, causing cantilever effect. Right now rear bunks do extend about two feet beyond I-beams. Someone else suggested axles needed to be moved even further back. They are centered at the front of the stern open cockpit area (walk around design). Most of weight is in fuel tank under the length of this area and of course the two 4-strokes on back. Any ideas why the boat won't stay forward. On the ramp it look snug and secure, but when I ger level it is always back 4 - 8 inches. I drive out slow and stady and it doesn't appear the hull is actually sliding back in the bunks. Maybe it is a cantelever effect, for what else could exert the forces involved? HELP!! THANKS.


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