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I'm looking to purchase a 2007 Tahoe to pull my boat that has a weight of about 6000 pounds with surge brakes. On the technical information on the Tahoe, it says that if your pulling over 5000 pounds, you should have a weight distribution hitch. Most of the weight distribution hitches I've seen are for a "A" frame trailers which I don't have. Can you give some information on weight distribution hitches and where I can find one?


Answered on: 2/2006

You can find weight distribution hitches at most rv/trailer supply shops ie. U-haul, Camper's World, JC Whitney, Cabela's, etc... There is a bracket that can be adapted to pole style trailer tongues that will allow you to attach the weight distribution hitch to. If your trailer has brakes, make sure that the hitch that you go with will operate with the braking system.

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