Archived Trailer Guys Questions

I have a question specifically about larger tandem or tri-axle trailers. Do you feel that the after-market glides added to the trailer bunks are helpful during launching and retrieving? If so, why don't trailers just come with them? Another thing I was wondering about is the slippery spray they sell for you think it works at all, and if so, how long does it last? S. Pietruska, Fall River, MA

I'm going to replace my bunks and would like your opinion on the kind of wood I should use. My friends did their bunks with pine and douglas fir and bought it pressure treated and then added a wood preservative. Should I coat this with anything else? T. Karillo, Traverse City, MI

What is your opinion of pivoting bunks on a trailer? There are four of them, instead of two and this all seems new to me. I'm looking for opinions before I decide. C. Bromley, Ellsworth, ME

I want to replace the bunks of my boat trailer. What kind of wood I should use? I see different ways to attach the bunks to the tailer:lag bolts,bolts and nuts and washers,etc. Which one it is the best?

I would like to know the best way to attach the bunks to the trailer: lag screws or bolts and nuts?

Do you prefer the black rubber rollers on a trailer or the urethane-made ones? The black rollers leave marks on my hull. Also, do you have suggestions as to what works best to getting the black marks off the hull? W. Dinsmore, Indianapolis, IN

I am going to install new carpeted bunks in my boat's trailer. Should I use a product like Liquid Rollers to protect the carpet and facilitate launching and retrival of the boat?

I have a 2005 Century 2600WA with twin Yamaha 150 4-strokes. Fully loaded the boat can weight 7,400 lbs. I have a 10,000 lb. capacity float-on aluminum trailer with long carpeted bunks in back and smaller ones in front. The standard covering on the bunks resembles weather resistant felt or carpeting, but acts like a nylon scrub pad and is badly wearing down the gelcoat. Is there a better covering I can install or method to stop this damage? Thanks

Which staple is better for boat trailer carpet used in salt water;monel or stainless steel

I have a trailer, rated 7000 lbs GVWR, 5700 lbs net capacity. This is a dual axle trailer for a power cat. The leaf springs are extremely rusty and I want to replace them. I've verified the springs as installed are rated 1400 lbs. This doesn't make sense to me, as I thought the springs would have to be rated 3500 lbs each if the trailer was rated 7000 lbs GVWR. Can you explain the dynamics to me?

What about transom savers? I've heard a lot of pros and cons.There is a product called "m-y-wedge" and of course, "Swviel Ease." Do I need one of these? I have a 21' Seaswirl with a 150hp Yamaha and will do quite a bit of trailering.

What type of lubricant do you guys recommend for the rollers & wobble assemblies on boat trailers? I have a tri-axle, (1994 vintage), which I am having to completely rebuild, including new urethane rollers & I have found that the spray lithium I was using has made an awful mess. Thanks for any help you can throw my way, Fred Grau

Hi:I need to replace one of the bunk boards on my trailer 4x2..Should I purchase pressure treated,marine grade or purchase regular wood and use a sealer..And what's the difference in all of these different types of wood. Thanks

I have a 1988 carver mariner 2897 which weighs 10.5k dry. Probably 13.5k wet. Will I damage the boat / hull by leaving it on a bunk type trailer or bunk style boat lift for storage. How long can a hull take this type of out of the water storage? Thanks, Mike R