Archived Trailer Guys Questions

I am going to buy a new trailer for my boat. Do trailer manufacturers have a list of hull designs and boat models which can be used to find the right kind of trailer to use? I don't trust the dealer I've been talking to because he keeps pointing at a trailer in the showroom and says it will fit the hull. How do I know it will fit and what should I look for to make sure it fits?

I'm going to buy a new boat trailer. Do I want torsion axles and if so, why? Is anything gained by having them on a trailer? J. Harris, Dayton Ohio

I have a 2002 Jeep Liberty that I plan on using as my tow vehicle for a Sea Doo jetboat. I am trying to find practical information on the "new" cushioned trailering draw bars. I have seen these being advertised for the past couple of years, but can't seem to find anyone with experience or a definitive opinion on the merits of these cushioned draw bars versus the standard steel draw bars. The short wheelbase of the Liberty makes me think that the ride would benefit from the "cushioning" effect supposedly offered by these "new" type of draw bar. Do you have any information on this product? Thanks for all you do for your members. Jeff Gerber

I have a 1986 Christ Craft Scorpion 210 open bow, The trailer is a custom trailer of metal tube construction. The trailer needs new tires new brakes, new wiring, new winch and the list goes on. Am I better off to purchase a new trailer and if so what is the best on the market. I plan to be boating in salt water in the future. Thanks for yourr help there are so many manufactures out there I have no idea where to start, it seems that no one does reviews on trailers like they do on boats and trucks.

Hi: I'm looking for a used trailer for my '94 Monterey 246. It's 25ft long weighing between 4,500 and 5,000 lbs. I know it needs two axles and brakes. I'd also like it to have rollers. I'm in Mahopac, NY and have contacted a few local marinas and in City Island in the Bronx without any luck. Can you recommend a few contacts. Thanks, Joe Culhane 845-628-8343 cell: 917-597-7951

I'm in the market for a new trailer and I like the idea of aluminum. But guys I speak with at the boat ramp say aluminum trailers will float from time to time. Is this accurate and, if it is, should I add some weight to it? T. Spurling, Portage, IN