Trailering Club Testimonials

Testimonial 1

Trailer Tire Blowout leads to BoatUS ANGLER and an 11-pound Bass

There's no better way to earn faith and confidence in a product than to put it to the test.

That being said, I really don't have a burning desire to test out my driver's side air bag, the "emergency call only" feature on my cell phone, or the flare gun that I keep in my boat. It's nice to know that those options are there, but if I'm using one of them, well, you get the picture.

So last week, I hook up the Skeeter and head south on I-35 fully intending to spend the morning sight fishing on a lake in Oklahoma about 60-miles from my place. 32-miles down the road I blow a tire on my single-axle trailer.

No big deal, right? Well, considering that I left my jack in a buddy’s truck after helping him fix a flat last month, I was in a predicament. As I sat on the side of the Interstate 35 pondering my next move, it occurred to me that in January I bought a yearlong membership to BoatUS Angler that included the Trailer Assist package. Not only that but it also included the chance to win bonus money at tournaments as a member of their Weigh-to-Win program.

I called the 24-hour dispatch number on the back of my membership card, and Adam from BoatUS sent a tow truck to the scene within 30-minutes. After replacing the shredded tire with the spare, I was back on the road and headed to the lake without a dime out of my pocket. Read More …

Testimonial 2

Love That Insurance

We had just spent the day on the Alabama River in Montgomery when on our way to drop off the boat a piece of metal on the road stabbed our truck tire. We called Boat US and a delightful repairman came and got us back on the road. The funny part was that we had just renewed our Boat US insurance and I had commented on the cost of the Roadside Assistance portion. Never Again! This one mishap made it all worth it. Thank you for your courteous operators and their speed.

Testimonial 3

Each May, my wife and I haul our 30' power cat
 from MD to FL for a trip to the Bahamas. I joined BoatUS Trailer Club three years ago and have nothing better to do with it than enjoy the magazine (which I do actually enjoy). But at 3am in the middle of nowhere South Carolina, we had a problem. During a rest stop I did a safetly check and found we had destroyed a hub. I called the 800 number, got a very nice person in California who got a service tech to us within an hour. She then called back to make sure someone had shown up. I'm very pleased with the service that was provided. Thus, I'll be renewing that coverage along with my membership in another two months when it comes due.

Testimonial 4

I just can't pass up a good deal
, so when I saw an ad in Boats & Harbors (sort of a Boat Trader for commercial vessels) that a university was selling this boat at auction, I couldn't resist. Turned out I was the high bidder. Thanks to all the good advice I have read about in Trailering magazine, I laid in two new tires on rims, a new hub assembly with Monroe, NC bearings and a spare bearing set. We greased the heck out of the bearings before leaving. Needless to say, this preparation caused the trailer to perform beautifully all the way from Rhode Island to Florida. Thanks for all the good advice in your magazine! Best regards,

Testimonial 5

Thanks so much for a great article
 on Princess Louisa Inlet. Of special interest to trailer boaters (especially those not local to the Pacific Northwest) is that you can trailer your boat much closer to Princess Louisa. There is a launch ramp in Egmont, BC, although launching at Egmont has its share of challenges. The ramp might be considered a bit primitive, and you have to take a BC Ferry from Horshoe Bay BC to Langdale BC (last summer, ferry fee for tow vehicle and trailer was about $200 round trip - more if overheight or longer) then drive a ways on a steep, windy road. I made the trip a long time ago (1986) in my San Juan 21 Sailboat, and launched at Egmont. The wind was great and I sailed both ways - an amazing 3 hour spinnaker run in, but a long day beating against the wind on the return trip. Still, it was a great time, and the boat ramp at Egmont meant that I was able to make the trip in a long weekend.

Testimonial 6

Mike and Dustin, Trailering Guys, Apr/May 2010 Issue …
 You say trailer tire wear is hard to find the cause. Amen brother! You might want to add this to you tool bag for later or forward to David Kuebler in South Bend, IN. Check the tire rims. I went through a set of tires in one trip from Virginia to the Florida Keys and back and then spent weeks measuring, remeasuring, checking weight distribution, brakes etc. Finally after getting ready to give up and put new tires on my tire distributor measured the rims after we took them off the trailer and we could visually see where someone had over torqued the lug bolts and the rims were bent. It was an ever-so-slight wabble but enough to eat tires quick. I've had three trips to Florida Keys since and no noticeable tire wear. Thanks for the articles.

Testimonial 7

I wish to compliment you on your selection of service contacts.

June 22 our boat trailer broke as we pulled into our campsite at Ft. Desoto in St Petersburg, Florida. After finding our card, calling your help line, Fred was assigned to help us. What could have been a long story is a happy short one. Fred called us back immediately with the name of Elvis Towing and Owens Custom Trailers. Elvis picked up within 1 hour and Ownes put a rush on and had us better than new the next morning. BoatUS/Trailering Club is a GREAT service to have when you need a friend!

Testimonial 8

I want to relate an experience
I had with the trailer assistance service on November 15th.My wife and I and our little boy left our condo in Safety Harbor FL headed to our home in Monroe, NC with our 17 foot Triumph boat in tow. About 2 hours into our 10+ hour trip we had a blowout on the left side of our single axle EZ Loader trailer. In the interest of time I elected to jack the trailer up and put the spare on. About two hours later on Interstate 95 in lower Georgia we heard a pop and, you guessed it, the right hand tire was gone. So I had no spare, and in a desolate section of the highway on a warm Sunday morning. My wife was glad to learn that I was prepared with the BoatUS TRAILER ASSIST® coverage.

I called the toll free line and reached a dispatcher who took down my information but we hit a snag when she asked me what milepost I was at. She handed me off to a supervisor named Danielle who worked with me by asking for some information about potential landmarks I could identify on my GPS (unfortunately my GPS doesn't provide latitude and longitude). I was west of a country club and I gave her the name of it. She called the tire retailer who new the county like the back of his hand and she called me back to tell me she was sending him out. An hour later we were on our way. But what would we do if we had another flat? Danielle called West Marine in Savannah GA and checked with them to see if they had a mounted wheel and tire to fit my trailer. She called me to give me the address and phone number. A few minutes out of the way but we had the peace of mind a spare tire brings after having two flats in 4 hours.

That was real customer service. This event didn't follow the script but Danielle improvised and used her common sense to get me out of a jamb.

Thank you BOATUS and Danielle