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Trailer Assist FAQs

The BoatUS TRAILER ASSIST® Program now provides up to 100 miles of towing service!

If my vehicle or trailer should breakdown while trailering, will the TRAILER ASSIST® program pay to have my vehicle and/or boat trailer towed?

The TRAILER ASSIST® program will have your vehicle and trailer towed to the nearest repair facility or safe location up to 100 miles from the location of breakdown!

If my vehicle gets stuck on a boat ramp, will the TRAILER ASSIST® program provide for assistance?

BoatUS will dispatch a towing service to assist with the retrieval of your trailer.

If my boat trailer breaks down and my boat is not on the trailer, will you provide for service?

As long as you are in the process of either picking up the boat or have just dropped off the boat and are taking the trailer back to your storage facility or home. The boat does not have to be on the trailer for BoatUS to provide for the service call.

If I get a flat tire on my trailer and do not have a spare, will BoatUS pay to have a tire delivered and replaced?

BoatUS TRAILER ASSIST® program will make every effort to find a company to deliver a tire. But, if after reasonable efforts we are unsuccessful, we will send a service provider out to have your boat-trailer hauled to the nearest repair facility or place of safety up to 100 miles!

If I lock my keys in my vehicle while trailering my boat, will BoatUS send someone to assist?

If you lock your ignition key in your towing vehicle (while trailering your boat), we will dispatch service to attempt recovery of your keys. The program does not provide payment for recovery of boat keys.

If my vehicle runs out of fuel while I am trailering my boat, will the TRAILER ASSIST® service provide for fuel delivery?

TRAILER ASSIST® will provide payment for the delivery of fuel. The actual cost of the fuel is the Members responsibility. State regulations on fuel delivery vary and may be restricted or not available.

Does TRAILER ASSIST® provide service to jump start my vehicle?

BoatUS will provide for the jump start of your vehicle battery providing that your trailer is in tow.

If I am involved in an accident while trailering my boat, will TRAILER ASSIST® pay to have my boat and trailer taken to a repair facility?

BoatUS will dispatch a service provider to assist you, but will not provide payment for the service. TRAILER ASSIST® is not an insurance policy and does not provide service for highway accidents. This would normally be paid under your vehicle and or hull insurance policy.

If I sign up for TRAILER ASSIST® after my trailer or towing vehicle becomes disabled, will BoatUS pay to tow my trailer to a repair facility?

BoatUS will dispatch a service provider to assist you, but will not provide payment for the service as the breakdown pre-dated the Membership.

If I sign up today for the TRAILER ASSIST® program, when will it become effective?

The program becomes effective at 11:59pm on the day of payment and will expire on the date of your Membership expiration.

Who do I contact should I require the services of TRAILER ASSIST®?

BoatUS requests our Members to call our 24 hour National Towing Dispatch Center at 1-800-391-4869 so that we may contact one of our pre-selected roadside assistance providers.

If I sell my boat & trailer can I transfer this service to the new owner?

The TRAILER ASSIST® program is not transferable. It would be the new owner's responsibility to become a member and enroll in the TRAILER ASSIST® program.

How can I submit a towing invoice for reimbursement??

If you were towed and paid out-of-pocket, you can submit your invoice for review by: Email: Fax: 703-461-2877 Mail: BoatUS Attn: Towing Department 880 South Pickett Street Alexandria, VA 22304 Restrictions and exclusions to Paid Services apply. Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for processing.