"Unlimited Towing is the best money you could possibly invest in for your vessel and your own peace of mind on or off the water." Danny Lozano, Harlingen, TX - Member Since 2012
Satisfied Members Speak Out!

Our Members Speak Out!


"TowBoatUS was a life saver!!! On Memorial Day, I was basically dead in the water and 50 miles away from our campsite. I called BoatUS and TowBoatUS was out to us within the hour. The captain was great, he was caring and understanding and made an unfortunate experience a memorable one. He hooked us up and we were on our way with minimal paperwork and a kind and respectful attitude. Thank you TowBoatUS and BoatUS for providing such a great service. As long as I own a boat, I will always have a BoatUS membership!"
Sergio Sintora - Lake Havasu City, AZ - Member since 2008


"The service was excellent and so welcomed. I can only say after I first saw his running lights I felt safe and knew we were in good hands. This was also the first time I have ever had to use BoatUS, or TowBoatUS.
Karen Payton - Coronado, CA - Member Since 2007

"I can’t tell you how much I appreciate BoatUS! It makes it so easy and stress free to have my boat towed. The young man who did the towing from Avalon to Long Beach couldn’t have been nicer or more helpful."
Mike Schoen – Long Beach, CA – Member Since 2004

"Shaun was absolutely fantastic and a master boat handler! Shaun got to us in a timely manner, talked me through making the tow line fast and guided my boat into its slip. BoatUS is a godsend. Thanks again!"
John Meyers – Pacific Palisades, CA – Member Since 2005

"I having nothing but high marks for this service! The help was outstanding from the moment the responded to my request on VHF 16. Jim (the captain) should be the standard by which all others are measured. This is my first time using TowBoatUS and based on Jim’s assistance, I will keep and upgrade my service level going forward."
Warren Lewis – Member Since 2004

"These guys are the heroes of the boating world! Concerned, polite and thorough. Thanks for the GREAT service."
William Isom – Camarillo, CA – Member Since 2004

"Despite choppy seas, high winds and trying to service another boater who didn't know where he was, TowBoatUS was able to tow me back to my marina quickly and safely. They were completely professional and calmed a stressful situation by getting me home as soon as possible."
Philip Garner, San Pedro


"Captain Larry Lopez of TowBoatUS Charlotte Harbor, FL was not only a true professional, but I also learned more from him about the local area than I could have in years."
Warren Callens – Port Charlotte, FL – Member Since 1993

"TowBoatUS is the best towing service around. I will never change as long as I have my boat. They all went the extra mile."
Marc Marios – Venice, FL – Member Since 2001

“I was pleased with the prompt, courteous and friendly service. There was even a person at the dock at my house asking if we need additional assistance. I CONGRATULATE YOU ON A CLASS ORGANIZATION.”
Calixto D. Arguelles – Pembroke Pines, FL – Member Since 1991

“What a joy it was to hear the soothing voice of TowBoatUS. A horrible ordeal turned into a wonderful ending because of the way we were treated. I am not afraid to go out anymore.”
Victoria Saralegui – Miami, FL - Member Since 2002

"Captain Sharpley traveled over 40 miles in treacherous waters to reach us, arranged for our overnight accommodations, then took care of finding a mechanic for our boat!"
Robert Pruitt - Islamorada, FL - Member since 1988

"If all my towing experiences are like this, then this may be something to look forward to in the future."
Stuart A. Young - West Palm Beach, FL - Member Since 1997

"We couldn't be more pleased with TowBoatUS and all those associated."
Arthur Joseph - Englewood, FL - Member Since 1986

"I was totally impressed and told many other boaters how TowBoatUS turned a potentially bad day into a great experience."
Greg Blum - Venice, FL - Member Since 2000

"The operator of the tow boat was prompt, courteous, knowledgeable and effective. He deserves high ranks for his excellent work."
Joel Briskman - Clearwater, FL - Member Since 1996


"Given his performance and his insistence on staying by our side throughout the storm, I want to give Captain William Sweatt of TowBoatUS Fernandina and his crew our heartfelt appreciation for his services that night."
Don Foley – Cumming, GA – Member Since 2001


"The captain and crew were very professional. I have nothing but positive things to say about the experience. I have talked to several other people in the marina about BoatUS. Towing and the rapid professional service I received. Thanks for the great service you provide."
Robert Buckley – Chicago, IL – Member Since 1984


“Providing such an excellent service for so little money, my concern is how can you stay in business?”
Vernon Rothschild – Berlin, MD – Member Since 1997


"TowBoatUS Newburyport and Captain Mike Goodridge are a welcomed presence to hundreds of boaters. They recognize the value of his ‘being there’ when needed and they have needed him quite a bit over the years."
Robert H. Brown – Hampton, NH


The towboat captain was very polite, professional and courteous. His towboat equipment was first rate! Our safety during the tow was never a concern and we were back on the water the next day thanks to this fine young man.
Clement Brierley – Member Since 1997

New York

"He was amazing, 4 foot rollers, pitch black, Fog: made the tow stress free."
Jon Franz - Medford, NY - Member Since 2005

"Towing service did an excellent job. I was virtually stranded in an old piling field that was invisible at high tide. I damaged one prop, bent a shaft and rudder, but vessel was operational. TowBoatUS maneuvered close enough to throw me a line and tow my vessel from the piling field. They did a very professional job."
Thomas J. Kesolits - Staten Island, NY - Member Since 1980


"This was my first need for BoatUS/TowBoatUS in nearly 3 years of membership. My had is off, everyone that helped me that day for a job well done. They were all prompt, professional, and far exceeded my expectations of what their level of service would be. Be it sailing on inland lakes or coastal cruising, I will NEVER be without my membership to BoatUS and TowBoatUS. My most sincere thanks to you all!"
Peter Cavender - Reno, NV - Member Since 2008


"From when I called to when they hooking me up was 1/2 hour. Very impressive! No one could ask for a better experience considering the circumstances. Thanks again!"
Rex Zourdos – Worthington, OH – Member Since 1998


"Would not go out in the Gulf without TowBoatUS Keep up the good work!"
James Raley - Verona, PA - Member Since 1997

"The TowBoatUS Unlimited Towing package is a great investment. Even though your captain had us underway in minutes, he had traveled a great distance to do so. "
Joel and Ellie Langdon - Elizabethtown, PA - Member since 1999

Rhode Island

"Fast Professional Service. This was the first tow I needed in 11 years of Membership! It was very nice to have reliable towing when needed."
Richard Anderson - Jamestown, RI - Member Since 1991

South Carolina

"My incident on 1/28/2010 was turned from a disaster to a pleasant trip thanks to TowBoatUS Charleston. The man who responded was one of the most polite and friendly persons I have ever met on the water. I am glad I had unlimited Towing and will always keep this feature."
Alfred Phelps - Goose Creek, SC - Member Since 2005


"Captain Dave towed us cleanly and smoothly through some rough seas to get us home. He even showed me a shortcut to my favorite fishing grounds.I've learned that I'm not alone on the water with TowBoatUS."
Ross McGrath - Houston, TX


“If we’d asked God to send us an angel, he would have sent us Captain Bob James of TowBoatUS Norfolk”
Jim & Judy Russell – Colonial Heights, VA – Member Since 1999

"We are very impressed! We have been telling everyone about the great service we received."
Huch Aaron, Mechanicsville, VA - Member Since 1999


"This was our third encounter with TowBoatUS and, as always, it was a welcome sight to see the red boat heading our way. Did an excellent job of getting us under tow just minutes before we would have been swept into a large rock. Towed us right back to our dock, cutting us loose so we could float into our slip. Professional, knew what he was doing and courteous."
Mike Cassidy - Tacoma, WA - Member Since 2008

"An absolutely amazing experience! The response was within minutes with fuel and stood by while I bled the system and started my engine. I renewed my Membership the next week."
Thomas Murphy – Seattle, WA – Member Since 2004

British Columbia

"We had never been towed before and were apprehensive about possible problems in being towed that we read about in a boating magazine. It was a great relief that we were towed safely and smoothly all the was back to our boathouse. We were pleased with our experience and will encourage others in our Power Squadron to join BoatUS."
Peter Wolfe – Victoria, British Columbia – Member since 2004