SPOT units

Important Update For SPOT Assist Users

As of November 30, 2015, BoatUS & SPOT have discontinued selling new $10 subscriptions for on water "SPOT Assist" satellite direct connection capability from SPOT units to the BoatUS Towing Dispatch Centers.

SPOT Assist contact with BoatUS Towing will still be available for Members who had purchased SPOT Assist earlier in 2015 which expires in 2016, however it won't be available for renewal.

BoatUS had a tough decision to make that we could no longer staff and train for 24/7 SPOT Assist Direct Towing Dispatching, while simultaneously handling ever growing phone call and TowBoatUS dispatch case volume.

BoatUS continues to endorse SPOT as an excellent satellite texting communication resource when boaters are out of cell phone and VHF range.

1. After a 2015 plan renews in 2016, SPOT Users who need "non-emergency" towing assistance on the water (outside of cell phone and VHF radio coverage), can still use SPOT to text with friends or relatives on shore, who in turn can call BoatUS Towing 800-391-4869 with the SPOT details and location.

2. The SOS option on ALL SPOT units can also be used to contact GEOS Alliance in an emergency and/or if your situation turns into an emergency if no towing assistance can be contacted.

If you have any questions about this change, please contact BoatUS Towing at or 800-888-4869 or SPOT Customer Contact at or 866-651-7768.