Important Update For inReach Users

On December 16, 2013, BoatUS & DeLorme are launching a better way for you to communicate directly with our 24-hour Dispatch Center. The improved interface requires that you download DeLorme's Earthmate app to a mobile device (smart phone, tablet, iPod Touch, etc) and pair it with your inReach via a Bluetooth connection. When properly linked, you are able to use the Earthmate app on your mobile device to communicate directly with BoatUS Dispatch staff. This improvement will allow you to better communicate with BoatUS so we can deploy appropriate resources to your location.

Starting on December 16th, you will no longer be able to reach BoatUS by pressing the Preset Message button from your inReach device. Instead, the Preset Message button will be used to send casual check-in messages keeping family and friends informed of your progress. To configure your preset messages, log into your account at

Earthmate screenshot
Interface on the updated
Earthmate App

photo of DeLorme inReach SE with BoatUS icon
DeLorme inReach SE with
BoatUS icon on the home screen

DeLorme inReach Message Box
Message Interface on Earthmate
App and inReach SE

Please ensure that you have the Earthmate app on your mobile device, or if you already have the app, make sure that you have the current version. The Earthmate app is a free download from the Android Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

On December 16th, DeLorme is also releasing a new firmware update for your inReach device so please take a moment and update your unit by logging onto and connecting your device to your computer.

After downloading the updated Earthmate App and Syncing your device, you will see a "BoatUS" option on the home screen. (The BoatUS icon will only appear after you Sync your device.)

If you need assistance on the water or on the road, click on the BoatUS option and a message interface will open allowing you to communicate directly with BoatUS Dispatch staff. As always, you are still able to contact BoatUS Dispatch by calling 800-391-4869 or hailing "BoatUS" on VHF channel 16.

Here's what the interface will look like on the updated Earthmate app for your mobile device. If you need assistance from BoatUS, click on the "BoatUS" option and begin your conversation with a dispatcher.

If you have any questions about this change, please contact DeLorme Customer Service by calling 800-511-2459.

inReach SE

DeLorme recently launched a new model — the inReach SE. This updated product has a screen and virtual keyboard allowing for easier communications directly from the device. We invite you to consider upgrading your inReach to the new model making communication with BoatUS and your family and friends even more convenient.

To learn more about inReach SE and see a video, visit:

As a current inReach owner, DeLorme is offering you a $50 rebate on the purchase of an inReach SE. That's in addition to the standing $25 rebate offer available to BoatUS Members!'

And the timing to purchase an inReach SE (or to ask for it as a gift) couldn't be better, because DeLorme is also offering two months of free airtime on all its annual (12-month) subscription plans if you activate your new inReach SE before December 31st.

To learn about the SE model, the available rebates totaling $75, and the free airtime offer, please visit

If you decide to purchase the inReach SE device, the home screen on your device will have a BoatUS icon that you can select to begin an assistance request with a BoatUS Dispatcher.

As with your current inReach device, when a message is sent from the inReach SE or Earthmate app, your BoatUS Membership and boat information is sent to BoatUS staff to assist in locating you.