Towing Testimonials

  • Boat US towing service is the best thing to happen to boating since fiberglass and stainless steel.

  • I have been a BOATUS member for a couple of years with most useage on Lake Erie. Recently I experienced a breakdown on the outdrive of my 26 foot Trophy. I called the 1-800 number and within 30 minutes a tow arrived. The Captain was very courteous and professional. He had us back to the ramp in no time, signed paperwork and was gone. Easy,courteous and professional; what more could you ask ! I really appreciate the service and great price. (I broke down several years ago without BOATUS and the bill was $700) I will continue with BOATUS for years to come since I own 4 other boats and breakdowns do occur from time to time.

  • I wanted to share my experience with your company regarding my first experience using your tow service.  I recently purchased a new boat and then joined BoatU.S. Since the boat was new I did not expect to need to take advantage of your towing service, but I considered it piece of mind. 

    As it turned out, I did need the service and you came through with flying colors.  I experienced engine failure yesterday on the James River, east of Richmond, Virginia.  After failed attempts to fix the problem, I called your dispatch service who had a local captain contact me.  I wanted to share with you just how professional and accommodating Captain Durwood Baggett was throughout this experience. 

    As temperatures were above 100 degrees yesterday, his first concern was for my safety.  He immediately wanted to know if I had plenty of water to drink and if I was in a safe section of the river.  He then gave me an ETA, which he met exactly.  Captain Baggett was extremely polite and did an outstanding job explaining the procedure and then we were on our way.  Obviously being stranded was not how I had anticipated my day would go, but Captain Baggett certainly came through and saved the day - and the best news is since I have unlimited towing it did not cost me a dime. 

    I cannot say enough about how happy I am that I joined your team.  Please pass along my most sincere appreciation to anyone in your organization who works with Captain Baggett.  He was an outstanding Master Captain, but he was an even better person.  Thanks again.

  • I wanted to copy you on a note I sent to Capt. Barrie your Islamorada, Fl. Tow Boat U.S. Captain. I never thought I would ever need the service. Because I am so careful about caring for my boat I thought I would never break down. Before I left for my trip I did a yearly service and had the mechanic check for any potential problems and yet I broke down anyway. As you can see below my experience with all your services was great, our vacation was salvaged and it has left me with a sense of security that when I am on the water I will never be alone as long as I am a Tow Boat U.S. member.


    Capt. Barrie, just wanted to thank you for your service under Tow Boat U.S. You and Ana towed us from the Founders Park marina to Futura Yacht Club when we thought we might be out of gas but wound up with engine problems instead. More importantly we want to say thanks for turning us on to Jay the mechanic, who promptly called us the next day, picked up our boat fixed it in 24 hours, returned it to us and was reasonable and honest with his charges. I will never worry about heading to Islamorada again. With the combination of Tow Boat, Poseidon Salvage and Jay I am in good hands. Thanks again

  • Last   Saturday night on Memorial Day weekend a freak windstorm hit our area  and  created much havoc for many boats. After spending a most enjoyable  day of sun  and warmth on very quiet water on the south shore of  Spencer Spit on Lopez  Island, we went to bed and were awakened rather  abruptly when we discovered we  were on the beach and aground! It was a  rude awakening to say the least.  

    We were being pounded by big  waves driven by 30-plus mph winds that  left us sitting, fortunately,  on sand and not rocks. We called Vessel Assist  and things got better  from that point on. Captain Deb Fritz, who is the leader  of a great  group of extremely well qualified people, came to our rescue.   

    To make us feel better she told us that even a Coast Guard  boat had  gone aground! We had to wait 24 hours for the next high tide.  Captain Deb and  her crew were extremely well organized and we really  felt safe and reassured  in their hands. She even had Captain John, a  Vessel Assist from Port Angeles,  come over to help pull us off the  beach. Our boat is a 50-foot power boat and  a sight to see when the  tide went out during the day and we were 30 yards from  the water! They  pulled us off around 11 p.m. and took us home. They had two  captains  who also were mechanics on board and drove us home with one in the   engine room to make sure things were right.

    Had they failed  and had to  wait for another 24 hours, we could have gone home and they  would have  provided someone to stay aboard to protect the boat. Now  that is service! The  crew even brought us a pizza since we were stuck  there for 24 hours. So if you  ever have any problems on the water in  the San Juans, do not hesitate to call  on Vessel Assist and Captain  Deb Fritz and her wonderful crew.