Membership Testimonials

  • We cannot begin to tell you how much we appreciated the fact that there is someone with whom we could voice our concerns, and who would listen and provide needed service. We have the BoatUS Consumer Protection Bureau to thank for resolving the problem.
  • I finished a month long solo trip from the upper Chesapeake to Beaufort North Carolina (and back) two weeks ago.  In preparation for the trip, I downloaded the Towing App to my Android phone.   

    Fortunately I never needed the app to call for towing but I did use it to send notifications to many of my friends and family. The app worked flawlessly.   

    My friends and family were able to see, on a daily basis, that I was safe. And, by clicking on the link sent in the email, were able to see my exact location and follow my progress.  Sending these notifications took me less than a minute each time.   

    Many thanks to BoatUS for this excellent new service.