Government Affairs Testimonials

  • Thank you for your hard work in getting this passed and the exceptional leadership job you displayed in organizing and directing the letter writing and other efforts to pass this legislation.  I know for myself, it was BoatU.S. that motivated me to send letters and work for this cause.  Great job and thanks to BoatU.S.  Proud to be a member!

  • Passage of the Clean Boating Act: "Thank you for your outstanding work on this matter. Keeping the membership informed via email is great."

  • Thanks for all you do.  I push 'all' of my boating acquaintances to become members and support BoatU.S.

  • I have submitted comments regarding Light Squared. Thank you for keeping us updated on matters which are important to us.

  • Regarding potential GPS Signal interference: "Thank you for this notice. I completed my submission to stop Light Squared. Keep up the great work on our behalf."

  • Thanks for the heads up --- I wouldn’t have known about this otherwise.  I’ve contacted my representative by email and voice mail asking her to vote no and oppose however she can.

  • Regarding mandatory adult life jacket wear in Massachusetts: "Thanks, we need a lobby against the purported do-gooders who have not a clue."

  • Regarding expanded use of ethanol in fuel: "Thanks for the heads-up on this issue. Hope you get lots of support."

  • Just came back to Boat U.S. simply because of your "Government Affairs" area.

    It provides much needed information about the legislative side of one's sailing activities.