BoatUS Testimonials


    Thanks to the BoatUS Claims staff for your prompt, courteous and professional handling of my claim. Everyone I've dealt with has been kind, understanding and has helped me to understand my options clearly. Very proud to say that I have my insurance with BoatUS!

  • Boat Graphics

    This is the best company i have ever dealt with on the internet !!!!!!!! the best price, the best quality,crazy good packaging, and the fastest shipping to Canada. I will be ordering again and again from them,Great customer service answerd my questions on a Sunday night!!!!! Thank You Ralph A. Ontario Canada
  • Government Affairs

    Thank you for your hard work in getting this passed and the exceptional leadership job you displayed in organizing and directing the letter writing and other efforts to pass this legislation.  I know for myself, it was BoatU.S. that motivated me to send letters and work for this cause.  Great job and thanks to BoatU.S.  Proud to be a member!

  • Insurance

    Following the very stressful loss of my boat, BoatUS made the claims process as smooth an experience as anyone could hope. They truly go above and beyond to make the recovery process as easy and painless as possible. BoatUS is TOPS!

  • Membership

    We cannot begin to tell you how much we appreciated the fact that there is someone with whom we could voice our concerns, and who would listen and provide needed service. We have the BoatUS Consumer Protection Bureau to thank for resolving the problem.
  • Towing

    I have been a BOATUS member for a couple of years with most useage on Lake Erie. Recently I experienced a breakdown on the outdrive of my 26 foot Trophy. I called the 1-800 number and within 30 minutes a tow arrived. The Captain was very courteous and professional. He had us back to the ramp in no time, signed paperwork and was gone. Easy,courteous and professional; what more could you ask ! I really appreciate the service and great price. (I broke down several years ago without BOATUS and the bill was $700) I will continue with BOATUS for years to come since I own 4 other boats and breakdowns do occur from time to time.