Insurance Claims, Boating Accidents, Failure Analysis, Product Liability, Loss Prevention
Speaker Location Specific Topics
D.J. Smith Mobile, AL Pre-purchase Surveys, Surveys for Insurance and other Boat Insurance Topics
Edward Cohan Los Angeles, CA

Marine Law and related legal topics, Marine Insurance, Surveyors, Admiralty Law

Officer Ed Henry San Diego, CA

Boating Laws, Boating Safety, Boating Accidents.

San Diego Police - Harbor Unit Officer. Not available in summer months

Leroy Lester San Diego, CA

Marine accident investigation/prevention: 80 slides of accidents. Marine surveying, marine design and construction, wooden boat inspection. Member: NAMS, ABYC, BoatUS

Bob Schliem Denver, CO

Engineer failure analysis, accident reconstruction.

Robert Carlson Bridgeport, CT

Boat safety, electrical safety, boating standards, electrical standards, product liability.

ABYC member, National Fire Protection Association member

Jim Dias Guilford, CT

What to look for when buying a boat, what marine surveyors do, proper claim procedure, boat equipment and care, storm damage avoidance, yacht systems and installation, design and construction of yachts and small craft.

Offers several Claims Adjuster Training Courses-please inquire. Marine Surveyor.

Glen Horne Altamonte Springs, FL

Marine losses and prevention. Fee requested.

Thomas Fortson Jacksonville, FL

Surveying, loss prevention, boating

Allan Kelly Miami, FL

Most maritime related topics including: personal injury and wrongful death, insurance, property damage, ship repair liabilities, maritime liens, salvage.

Percy Overman Miami, FL

Expert court testimony, claims preparation, dealing with repair facilities, know when you need a surveyor, care of boats, damage repairs.

Mike Pennekamp Miami, FL

Admiralty & Maritime Law: for example, liability, cargo loss, personal injury. Has experience as a power boater and diver.

Jonathan Skipp Miami, FL

Maritime Attorney, marine insurance policies & claims, maritime states law.

Veronica Lawson Naples, FL

Claims adjusting, marine surveying-the pitfalls for boaters, purchasing vessels, safety aboard. Fee requested.

John Merting Pensacola, FL

Maritime Law Considerations for vessel boat owners and operators. Expertise: Admiralty and maritime law, including maritime death, injuries and marine insurance.

Robert Heekin Pompano Beach, FL

Safety, boating - technical, loss prevention, values, maintenance, insurance adjusting

Lisle, IL

Marine surveying, loss prevention, boating-technical to include hull construction, repair, and machinery damage/repair. Davis & Co. Ltd,

Annapolis, MD

Boating - technical, boat insurance, loss prevention.

M. J. McCook Assoc, Inc.

Brownfield, ME

Safety Regulations Natl Fire Protection Assn, marine surveying, marine accidents - prevention & investigation, and reconstruction. Slide history of Luders Marine Construction Co. of Stamford, CT.

Has written articles, has been member of a variety of societies and organizations.

Detroit, MI

Recreational boating & law, maritime law, products liability. Area to cover: 50 mile radius.

Harrison Township, MI

Liability, maintenance, Questions & Answer sessions, courses, possible qualification for NAMS certification.

Detroit, MI

Recreational boating, maritime law, products liability

Brewerton, NY

Marine surveying, marine accident investigation, legal respects of surveying, repairs.

Brooklyn, NY

Marine surveyor, loss prevention, insurance fraud investigations of fire damage. Has cruised in New England region.

Honeoye Falls, NY

Marine surveying, boat repair, safe boating, boating accident investigation. Slides.

Marine Surveyor, Bartnett Marine Services, Inc.

New York, NY

Attorney, legal expert, Maritime and Admiralty Law, salvage, insurance, collisions & strandings of large vessels.

W. Babylon, NY

Claims Adjuster. Boating - technical, loss prevention.

Westhampton, NY

Marine Surveyor, Claims Adjuster. Halogen fire extinguishing agents, loss prevention.

Yaphank, NY

Marine Surveying and related boating topics, boat preparation for hurricanes. Experience: Marine Surveyor for 25 years (07), marine insurance claims, USCG, Suffolk Marine Museum: restoration, US Navy Cert Weather Observer & Forecaster, Firefighting School, ships diver, Certified Radar Navigator, Advanced Search & Rescue, Ocean. Research School. certs: AMS, CMS, ASA, CMI.

Mentor, OH

Surveying, loss prevention, safety.

Marine Surveyor Great Lakes Marine Service Co, Inc.

Westlake, OH

Marine Surveyor, Marine Underwriter and Claims Adjuster. Boat repair, loss prevention, financial/legal/boat insurance, surveying the Santa Maria of Columbus, surveying The Niagara, St. Helena Barge reconstruction.

Pittsburgh, PA

Litigation issues - boating accidents, marine insurance issues, liability for damages to yachts.

Beaumont, TX

Boat claims and handling procedures, fraud and arson claims against insurers. Area: upper gulf coast-Houston to W. Louisiana.

Corpus Christi, TX

Marine Surveyor and Claims Adjuster. Loss prevention, boat insurance, dealing with insurance companies. How to choose a boat/elements of design, hurricane approaches.