Guest Speakers for California
Speaker Location Topics Covered
Capt. Peter Cameron Alameda, CA Skills to aid confident boat handling in very close quarters, and high winds. Licensed Captain.
Capt. Robert Grossman Shreveport, LA

Boating Law, Louisiana Boating Laws, Rules of the Road.

US Power Squadron Member, Attorney

George LeBaron Chula Vista, CA

What is the fair market value of your boat? Cruising in Baha Mexico and Southern California, boat maintenance.

Marine Appraiser/Surveyor (Power and Sail)

Capt. Mike Whitehead Costa Mesa, CA Boat purchasing, boating instruction, cruising, deliveries, skippering, regs. Extensive cruising knowledge of Pacific Coast from Ensenada Mexico up to Canada and down to Hawaii. Host of Boathouse TV & Radio Shows, weekly column in LA Times community paper, the Daily Pilot, Sea Magazine Boat Test writer, Dockside Magazine:”Where’s Mike?” cruising column, Boat Review writer, Charterboat Operators Alliance, Newport Marine Committee.
Bryan Dove Discovery Bay, CA BoatU.S. Membership Benefits: Cooperating Marina Discounts, Cooperating Group Benefits, Member Rewards program, On-the-Water Towing Services, Trailering Club, Marine Insurance, Magazines and publications, Consumer Protection Bureau, Public Affairs, BoatU.S. Foundation for Boating Safety and Clean Water, How to make the most of, and more.

Capt.Mike LeButt

Irvine, CA “Sailing the Inland Seas” - The Great Lakes, best harbors, resorts, lighthouses, shipwrecks, geography, history & people, navigation, avoiding steamer traffic, anchoring, equipment, weather, heavy weather sailing, hypothermia, safety issues, Mackinac Races. CG Master; USPS Navigator.
Capt. Raymond DeCeco Laguna Niguel, CA Aids to navigation, coastal piloting. 50 ton Licensed Master.
Edward Cohan Los Angeles, CA Marine Law and related legal topics, Marine Insurance, Surveyors, Admiralty Law.
Capt. Rex H. Levi Malibu, CA

Donating a yacht for a charitable annuity cash flow. Seamanship: sailing fundamentals - all topics. Fundamentals of coastal navigation, safety at sea. Marine ecology : nature vs. human.

University Professor, USCG Master Captain-100 Ton, 200 miles, near coastal.

Gary Martin Pollock Pines, CA

Marine and Maritime Forensic Expert who has been involved in many high profile cases of boat collisions, fires, sinking, water-ski and Personal Watercraft incidents as well as international Death on The High Seas cases.

Some of the topics can be somewhat graphic, but will also be extremely educational. The topics are intended to instill in the attendees, the need for pre-planning, safety and survival during boating or sailing excursions.

Believes and subscribes to the following: The term Accident is inappropriate to the majority of disasters at sea because rarely do they occur by chance or without apparent cause. Instead, they are the result of negligence or disregard of the premonitory warning signs through casualness, or poor operating procedures.

Essentials of Sea Survival.

Available in the Sacramento and Lake Tahoe areas.

Ralph Folsom, Pixie Haughwout San Diego, CA

Canal cruising in South of France, Lake Huron’s North Channel. Ralph Folsom and Pixie Haughwout are authors of 2 cruising guides: Canal Cruising in the South of France--The Romantic Canal du Mid, and Well-Favored Passage--The Magic of Lake Huron’s North Channel (4th edition). Presentations are 1 hr. Slides.

Gery Hassen San Diego, CA Crime prevention, personal safety, fraud and forgery, auto theft.
Officer Ed Henry San Diego, CA

Boating Laws, Boating Safety, Boating Accidents.

San Diego Police - Harbor Unit Officer. Not available in summer months.

Leroy Lester San Diego, CA

Marine accident investigation/prevention: 80 slides of accidents. Marine surveying, marine design and construction, wooden boat inspection.

Member: NAMS, ABYC, BoatU.S.

Bruce Martens San Diego, CA Boat buying and selling, marine surveys & pre-surveys maintenance, boat handling, living aboard sailing, powerboating, seamanship, coastal navigation and piloting preparing for cruising, especially getting your ship ready. Surveyor, towboat operator, scuba diver and author.
Thomas Bell Santa Monica, CA Vessel surveying, appraisals, sail and power - how to ask questions, evaluating a marina facility to use, vessel transport, boating safety -offshore, boat repairs, wood, steel, alum, fiberglass, types and qualifications of those who do boat work. Former shipbuilder, from long family line of shipbuilders. Attorney Services, former towing and salvage business Captain and owner.
Valerie Field Sausalito, CA

Living on a yacht, 1) from 20 to 60 min: Ten Years Before the Mast," on historic sailing ship, "General de la Rey." with children and pets. 6 months "on the hook," 3 1/2 yrs. tied up at end of pier, 6 yrs. at a marina. 2) from 20 to 60 min or 3 hr workshop, "Living on the Water.....on a Yacht." Includes workbook and Compatibility Test, a communication tool to share with a prospective live aboard partner. Valerie's 17 yrs. of living aboard also includes 2 yrs. on a Catalina 27 and 5 yrs. on a Catalina 320. Visit Valerie, a professional speaker/trainer, on her web site, . Reimbursement negotiable. Requests screen.

Peggy Feakes Stockton, CA Surveying, boat building, repair and rigging, safety, boat restoration for voyages, coastal and offshore sailing experience, sea stories.
Neal Doten Redwood City, CA

- Cruising the California coast
- Cruising the Pacific coast of Mexico
- Cruising the Pacific coast of Central America to Panama
- Boat preparation for cruising (power or sail)
- Coastal navigation training
- Boat search and acquisition (power or sail)

Slides and handouts available, AV equipment available. San Francisco Bay area and California

Doten Consulting Ltd,

John Wills Valley Center, CA Marine reinforced plastics, manufacturing and repair. Plastics consultant for over 50-60 years - has published books on Marine Reinforced Plastics and Hydrolysis Repair Options.