ESD Online ResourcesThumbnail photo of a dock with NO Swimming sign

Basic electricity, Electric Shock Drowning facts, and more.
A Strange Case Of Justice Thumbnail Photo of 27-foot O'Day sailboat with crushed cabin

Seaworthy's most popular story ever from our October 2008 issue.


Launching advice from a pro
The Trial of Bismark Dinius Thumbnail photo of Bismarck Dinius hugging his attorney Victor Haltom after the verdict

An interview with Dinius and his attorney from our October 2009 issue.




Thumbnail photo of the UL LISTED logo Recognizing drowning, counterfeit fire extinguishers, and laser flare caution.

Small Stuff 
Thumbnail photo of a cute kid in a life jacket Dinius justice update, deck safety, and tropical storm reporting changes.

Thumbnail photo of a truck hitch Still more Sandy, spring snafus, and staying hitched.

The Afterdeck
Thumbnail photo of boat speeding through the water The Nonrenewal Renewal