Seaworthiness Vs. Style

Boat manufacturers have improved the overall safety of their products enormously, but there is still the tendency with some to be swayed by the marketing department rather than the engineers. As the French say, plus ça change, plus la meme chose. In other words, the more things change—in this case boats—the more they stay the same, especially when it comes to the design flubs and flops about which some boat owners perennially complain.

This Issue's Video

This issue’s video, a trailerboat launch where things go from bad to worse. And worse. And worse…

The Coast Guard's Search For A Protocol To Test
Prop Guards

Several years ago, Bob MacNeill and his wife Sandy were idling along in their inflatable dinghy in the canal behind his home in Florida when a series of freak events sent the normally cautious boat owner overboard. He had just finished casually unclipping the engine's kill switch (a mistake) in preparation for landing at the dock and was talking to friends in another boat when an unseen wake bounced him across his dinghy and into his wife Sandy.


Small Stuff

One surveyor's quick actions, and West Marine's advice on battery charging.

Mailboat Letters

Charging batteries, exploding boats, comments about Never Finished, and more!


Through-Hulls, PFD's, and your limits as a handyman…

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