Avoiding Propeller Injuries

According to the claim file, the accident occurred so suddenly that most of the people aboard thought the 20-foot boat had bumped bottom. It hadn’t. A man on the bow who was seated on the gunwale had been bounced over the side when the boat struck a wake at high speed, and a split second later, he was struck by the prop.

This Issue's Video

A video of a sailboat chafing throught its mooring pendant during Hurricane Irene.

Spring Safety Checklist

Don't launch the boat until you've taken an hour or two going over this thorough checklist! It could keep your story from becoming one of ours!


Small Stuff

One surveyor's quick actions, and West Marine's advice on battery charging.

Mailboat Letters

Charging batteries, exploding boats, comments about Never Finished, and more!


Through-Hulls, PFD's, and your limits as a handyman…

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