October 2010

Every year things seem to get together. So what's up with the weather?

What's Up With the Weather?

And What the Changes May Mean For Boating

This past winter was a tough one in the mid-Atlantic; the Washington DC/Chesapeake Bay area (which is where the BoatU.S. headquarters are located) experienced not one but two major snowstorms in a single week.


Coping with Time and Tide
Woods Hole, a narrow passage that separates Buzzards Bay from Vineyard Sound in Massachusetts, has a tidal current that can reach five knots. If you arrive at the right time, your boat will fly along, boosted by a fair tidal current.

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Electric Shock Drowning Update
Birthday party turned deadly — another needless fatality! Michael Cunningham, a 15-year old Bridgeport High School student, died at Stonewall Jackson Lake Saturday, May 29, 2010, due to Electric Shock Drowning (ESD). He was attending a friend’s 16th birthday party held on a houseboat, rented for the special occasion.

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Know Anyone Who is New to Boating?
Every October, Seaworthy editors pause from their jobs as serious boating journalists to sell subscriptions. The usual sales approach is to urge readers to give gift subscriptions to friends and relatives who are new to boating or maybe to friends and relatives who have been boating for many years but are slow learners.

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Anatomy of a Collision
The International Regulations for Preventing Collision at Sea, also called COLREGS or Rules of the Road, were adopted in the United States in 1864. Based on common sense, it has been said if all vessels always abided by the Rules, there would be no collisions at sea.

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How to Get Your Boat Repaired Without Breaking the Bank or Boat
A former boating writer in Rhode Island noted that from his office window he could see “blue tin buildings that house an ‘army’ of repair specialists who are bivouacked on the front line of a great war… the war against equipment failure.”

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Winterization Worksheet
Winterizing your boat requires planning and some effort on your part. Plan ahead. The page below has two purposes: It will jog your memory when you’re gathering everything together — fogging fluid, antifreeze…

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As part of the BoatUS Damage Avoidance Program,
Seaworthy looks at real claims to discover how they might have been prevented. Our goal is to help you enjoy accident free boating.

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