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We have enhanced our search features for you.

From the Standard Search Results page you can:

  • Type in your Search Word(s), click Search and all of will be searched - the box on the left will indicate how many results are found in each of the available categories.
  • Click on one of the categories to the left and the results from ONLY THAT CATEGORY will be visible; click your BACK button to return to the full listing. Once inside a specific category you can start another search from within that category.
  • To Search all of again, simply uncheck the "Search Within Categories" box

Advanced Search Features
  • To narrow your search select specific Directory boxes, type in your Search Word(s) and click Search
  • Use the Select All button to search all available categories on
  • Use Deselect All to clear all the category boxes
  • Your results are listed on the left, with your specified categories highlighted in red.

    NOTE: Results from all other categories will also be listed, but not highlighted

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