BoatU.S. Marine Insurance Program Salvage Sale

Welcome to the BoatU.S. Marine Insurance Programís salvage boat site. The boats listed on this site are available for sale through an open bid process. All the boats offered for sale on this site are boats that have been declared a constructive total loss. All are sold "as is where is". There are no warranties made either expressed, implied, or written. The information contained in this list is believed correct. BoatU.S. is not responsible for any errors or omissions. Boats may be subject to prior sale. BoatU.S. reserves the right to refuse any bid. All sales are final and "as is where is". Payment must be by certified or cashiers check only. All salvage is subject to the following rules:

  1. Bids cannot be cancelled once they are submitted.
  2. All goods sold are non returnable.
  3. Posted closing times are approximate. BoatU.S. reserves the right to close early or extend auctions at any time by its discretion.
  4. BoatU.S. is the sole arbiter as to the successful bidders and purchasers and reserves the right to alter closing times or to remove from sale or re-offer for sale items which are disputed or fail to draw bids at or above the posted minimum, if there is one.
  5. BoatU.S. may cancel an auction at any time.
  6. All sales are final and "as is where is".
  7. BoatU.S. is not responsible for bids not being processed or accepted due to technical difficulty.
  8. BoatU.S. reserves the right to reject or void bids. Whether successful or not that it deems not to be made in good faith or which are restricted, taxed or prohibited due to local laws.
  9. All bids are made in $100 (U.S.) increments, unless otherwise noted, and may be subject to a minimum bid and/or minimum increments as posted for each item.
  10. BoatU.S. may offer the same or similar boats in a different auction. Each auction is conducted independently, and the sale formats, warranties, terms, conditions, and minimum bids may change from auction to auction.
  11. Bids do not roll over to subsequent auctions of similar boats. If you see a similar boat on sale after one closes, or if two of the same boat are offered separately, you will need to bid again.
  12. Itís against the law to make bids in a false name, even if we initially accept such a bid.
  13. Auction results will be posted as soon as possible after bidding closes. A certified or cashiers check for the winning amount must be received by BoatU.S., 880 South Pickett Street, Alexandria, Virginia 22304, Attn: Claims Department Salvage Sale, by 5 p.m. 10 days after the bidding closes.
  14. Once the check is received and accepted, appropriate ownership documents will be forwarded to the winning bidder. It is the winning bidders responsibility to make arrangements for and to pick up the boat within 20 days of mailing of the ownership documents.
  15. Periodically, BoatU.S. will send auction information, equipment news and notices of special sales by email to registered bidders. If you would prefer not to receive these mailings, you can remove your email address from the mailing list. Your decision will have no impact on your auction registration or ability to participate in the auctions.
  16. BoatU.S. Member Rewards, other discounts or coupons are not applicable to items sold in the BoatU.S. Salvage Sale.

By making a bid,  you are in agreement with the above.  If you have any questions or concerns please send an email to:

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